Andrea Lauer

Fashion Technologist · Product Designer · Experiential Architect

New York City

Artist Profile

Andrea Lauer is an award winning fashion technologist, costume/set designer, and stylist. She also has technical expertise in sensors, electronics and material science, that she uses for wearable product design and experiential art installations. Her work, in a variety of categories (theatre, fashion, music, health care, and art), blends technology in unique ways to create unexpected stories, products and experiences. 

Andrea has a MFA in Set and Costume Design from New York University and was awarded a Baryshinkov fellowship to experiment with multimedia theater projects. She was accepted as a fellow at The Design Lab at UC San Diego to explore the future of human centered product design, but deferred to complete several high profile commissions. 

Brand Experience:  Levi's, Tiffany & Co, Moncler, ESPN, HBO, History Channel, PBS, The MUNY, New York Theater Workshop, STREB Laboratory for Action Mechanics, Deetown Records.

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Meow Meow International Tour
Artist Role:  Creative Technologist, Set & Costume Design

Melissa Madden Gray, better known by Meow Meow, is an Australian actress, dancer, and cabaret performer who tours around the world. She has played her solo show at prestigious venues from Lincoln Center in New York to the Apollo Theatre in London. Andrea has become her collaboration partner for creating these immersive stage experiences that connects the sets she uses to her costumes. Her most recent work has began experimenting with technology in interesting ways.

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MOMATH "Robot Swarm"
Artist Role:  Wearable Product Designer

The New York City Museum of Mathematics Robot Swarm exhibition opened in 2014. Andrea helped in the planning, design and execution of the participant wearable sensor. The motion control and positioning systems interact with these wearable sensors, which activate the robots located beneath the participant's feet in an 11x12 foot ring. 

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London Cultural Olympics for Streb
Artist Role:  Costume & Experience Designer

For 10 years now, Andrea has been the regular consultant for Elizabeth Streb and the STREB Extreme Action Company. Elizabeth is an American performer, choreographer, teacher of contemporary dance, and a MacArthur "Genius" Award Winner. She has worked on projects with them doing events for everyone from Bergdorf Goodman to the Whitney Museum. One of the biggest projects she's worked on was a STREB event around the 2012 Olympics that took place in London. Four locations, forty dancers, and six custom body suit designs - all suspended in the air. Andrea created custom wearable red tights for dancers to wear during this Olympics performance, working with 3M materials and special seams to allow for movement and minimize sweat through cooling properties. Extra pockets for elements such as microphones were also incorporated. These suits are a key part of their performance and tools. There was a documentary called Born To Fly which documents the performance.

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Game Based Rehabilitation Apparel
Artist Role:  Wearable Product Designer & Soft Computation Engineering

Wearable product design lead in collaboration with NYU Langone Medical Center doctor. Developed a motion jacket with a computerized gaming interface and connected gloves. The objective was to take physical therapy outside of the medical space and to improve remote rehabilitation compliance. This was achieved by creating a comfortable and stylish garment that utilizes the latest embedded sensor technology to monitor physical therapy in the setting of your own home. The process includes exploring the material science world of choosing fabrics (or inventing them) so that they truly respond to the needs of the body based on where the fabric is placed, custom sensor design, and combining traditional apparel methods with engineering to create hybrid manufacturing techniques for wearable computing.

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Tech Charms - Prototype Accessory Development
Artist Role:  Product Designer & Fashion Technologist

Taking out your phone, especially at formal events, has become impolite. With Tech Charms, you have a new and stylish solution to discreetly access technology. Prototype under development through Risen From The Thread studios.

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NRG Shoe
Artist Role:  Fashion Technologist & Shoe Design

A sneaker that showcases how consumer products could benefit from the use of recycled CO2 at the object, systems, and materials level. One of the first applications of captured CO2 in consumer goods, while also addressing the aesthetics of form by designing a beautiful and minimal product. Developed in collaboration with 10xBeta for the Carbon XPRIZE $20 million global competition hosted by energy company NRG. 

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