Carlo Vega

Motion Director · Creative Director · Illustrator

New York City

Artist Profile

Carlos Vega is a motion director with illustration, fine art, creative direction and live action video expertise. His commercial work with animated graphics has ranged from complex projects like the NBC election coverage to the youth brand PINK for Victoria's Secret.

His art is a studied collection of thoughts and experiences, that takes him on a path of self-exploration to reconnect to lost moments, lost people and lost places. He combines simple, often geometric shapes with nebulous backgrounds and exploring abstract concepts through various mediums, exploring a tension between the logical and the inexplicable. Carlo received his BA from the University of South Carolina in 2000 and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Brand Experience: Victoria's Secret, NBC (News, CNBC, msnbc), Equinox, VH1, MTV, Bloomberg, PIRA

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Gray Keys

Artist Role:  Design Director

A video projection that explores simple geometric shapes and their evolution through motion.

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Victoria's Secret

Artist Role:  Animation Director

Since 2010, Carlos has helped Victoria's Secret bring rich movement to featured sections of their website, packaging for live TV events, promos for social media and internal videos. 

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N.I.P. Video with lyrics by Yasiin Bey

Artist Role:  Video Director

A video for N*ggas in Poorest by Yasiin Bey (the artist Dante Smith formerly known as Mos Def), that denies the luxury, designer rap perspective for a substantive, grounded one that reflects the real state of American and the world currently.


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NBC Elections Graphics

Artist Role:  Motion Director

He directed the look, logo, and overall design and animation of this Emmy nominated graphics package. Carlo was involved in every aspect of this project: opens, set projections, interactive interfaces and graphs, entire hologram sets, and all animated graphics used on air.

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Artist Role:  Animation Director

An award-winning unique illustrated depiction of the The Gettysburg Address that reworks a piece of history into an intriguing video piece for a modern audience. This piece was done in design collaboration with the Adam Gault Studio. It is Lincoln's iconic speech revisited.

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Artist Role:  Design Director

A gallery installation of video, paintings, and drawings.