Emilie Baltz

Food Technologist · Multimedia Artist · Experiential Architect

New York City

Artist Profile

Emilie Baltz is a French-American experiential architect with an emphasis on sensory storytelling and a particular expertise in food. She holds a Masters of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute.

Baltz currently teaches Experience Design at the School of Visual Arts and is the founder of the Food Design Studio at Pratt Institute. She lectures around the world on the transformative power of food experience in the lives of creators and consumers. Baltz has published two books and won the Best First Cookbook in the World at the Prix Gourmand in the Louvre in Paris.

She is the founding member of NEW INC, the first museum led incubator hosted at the New Museum. Baltz also leads strategic innovation workshops for major brands to explore new product ideas. Her work - meeting at the crossroads of design, performance, and visual arts - has gained her international press attention.

Brand Experience: Intel, Panasonic, Airbnb, Puma, LVMH, Microsoft, Pepsi, AOL, Ebay, Dupont, Milk Studios

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Press & Speaking


Artist Role:  Machine Creative Director

A dinner that explores the effect of color on our perception of taste. Guests are served a multi-course meal of all white foods under changing colored light while questioning how what we see affects what we taste. 

In collaboration with Chef Andrew Gerson, who cooked the food.


Artist Role:  Photographer, Designer, Author

A book exploring the relationship between food and emotion with 240 pages of photos and unique recipes of chefs from Paris to New York to Belgium. The 15 renowned culinary experts included were asked to create the recipes going off their personal inspiration from the emotion of love. 

It won the Best First Cookbook in the World at the Prix Gourmand in the Louvre in Paris.


Artist Role:  Designer

Guests embarked on an exploration through time and environment in a former nuclear reactor in Sweden, where they also tasted a variety of food dishes presented in a scientific manner, while they roamed the bunker nearly 100 feet underground. 

In collaboration with Chef Andrew Gerson, who cooked the food.


Artist Role:  Program Designer & Facilitator

Participants looked at the way ingredients, taste, shape and service interact within food design. The end result after investigating was the "Travel Cake" - a portable snack product - that each person had to come up with an idea for and bring to fruition.

Hosted in the kitchens of one of the first culinary design programs in the world, L’Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims (L’ESAD) in France.

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Artist Role: Designer

A variety of musical notes are played as participants lick a connected cone of ice cream from different angles. In this blending of food and technology, experiences of tongue to taste are transformed as the eater becomes the performer.

In collaboration with smart object designer Carla Diana and composer Arona Dyer.

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Artist Role:  Creative Direction & Design

An interactive experience where guests spinning cotton candy would trigger sounds and visuals surrounding them so that all five senses (touch, sight, smell, sound, taste) would be evoked.

It was showcased at Red Bull Studios in NYC. Developed by Baltz, in collaboration with animator Philip Sierzega, as part of her work at NEW INC.