Emilie Baltz

Food Technologist · Experience Designer · Product Strategist

New York City

Artist Profile

Emilie Baltz is a French-American food technologist and experience designer with a particular focus on food and sensory storytelling. She holds a Masters of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute.

Baltz currently teaches Experience Design at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) and is the founder of the Food Design Studio at Pratt Institute. She lectures around the world on the transformative power of food experience in the lives of creators and consumers. Baltz has published two books and won the Best First Cookbook in the World at the Prix Gourmand in the Louvre in Paris.

She is the founding member of NEW INC, the first museum led incubator hosted at the New Museum. She is also a member of New Lab, an interdisciplinary new manufacturing lab in Dumbo. Baltz also leads strategic innovation workshops for major brands to explore new product ideas. Her work - meeting at the crossroads of design, performance, and visual arts - has gained her international press attention. 

Brand Experience: Intel, Panasonic, Airbnb, Puma, LVMH, Microsoft, Pepsi, AOL, eBay, Patron, Dupont, Sabra, Milk Studios

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Press & Speaking


Artist Role:  Creative Technologist & Inventor

An interactive experience where guests spinning cotton candy would trigger sounds and visuals surrounding them so that all five senses (touch, sight, smell, sound, taste) would be evoked. The project has been adapted for Red Bull Studios in NYC and the Panorama Festival. Developed by Baltz, in collaboration with animator Philip Sierzega, as part of her work at NEW INC. 


Artist Role:  Facilitator, Curator, Designer

Inspired by social themes and new technologies, these workshops are playful, immersive ways of aligning vision, developing insights and fostering creativity. Each workshop is custom designed as a series of site visits, tastings and interactive demos that offer guests first-hand experience in food & technology innovation, as well as a deep dive into how our daily rituals affect human behavior. Mixed in with Augmented Reality (AR) technology, the project brings a new perspective into how it all comes together.


Artist Role:  Creative Director

A dinner that explores the effect of color on our perception of taste. Guests are served a multi-course meal of all white foods under changing colored light while questioning how what we see affects what we taste.

This experience was adapted and exhibited for the Brooklyn Brewery Mash Tour, in collaboration with Chef Andrew Gerson, who cooked the food.


Artist Role: Creative Director

Mirage is an immersive dinner that takes guests on a journey through an alternate reality. Hidden within a botanical garden in the desert, guests were invited to explore the landscape at their own risk, happening upon spaces, plant life and foodstuffs that all hold unexpected sensory results. Examples included a "flavor tripping" experience (via Miracle Fruit, which turns your tastebuds upside down) and artisnal cocktails made of vapor. 

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Artist Role:  Creative Technologist & Inventor

A variety of musical notes are played as participants lick a connected cone of ice cream from different angles. In this blending of food and technology, experiences of tongue to taste are transformed as the eater becomes the performer.

In collaboration with smart object designer Carla Diana and composer Arona Dyer.

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Artist Role:  Creative Director & Lead Technologist

Touch these blocks of ice and your human touch becomes a human voice, shouting back at you from its frozen depths. The big interactive blocks were illuminated in the dark space through bright colored lights, adding another level of intrigue and magic to the experience.

Developed for Pike and Rose Audio Visual Arts Festival.