Emilie Baltz

Food Technologist · Experience Designer · Product Strategist

New York City

Artist Profile

Emilie Baltz is a French-American food technologist and experience designer with a particular focus on food and sensory storytelling. She holds a Masters of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute.

Baltz currently teaches Experience Design at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) and is the founder of the Food Design Studio at Pratt Institute. She lectures around the world on the transformative power of food experience in the lives of creators and consumers. Baltz has published two books and won the Best First Cookbook in the World at the Prix Gourmand in the Louvre in Paris.

She is the founding member of NEW INC, the first museum led incubator hosted at the New Museum. She is also a member of New Lab, an interdisciplinary new manufacturing lab in Dumbo. Baltz also leads strategic innovation workshops for major brands to explore new product ideas. Her work - meeting at the crossroads of design, performance, and visual arts - has gained her international press attention. 

Brand Experience: Intel, Panasonic, Airbnb, Puma, LVMH, Microsoft, Pepsi, AOL, eBay, Patron, Dupont, Sabra, Milk Studios

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Press & Speaking


Artist Role:  Creative Technologist & Inventor

An interactive experience where guests spinning cotton candy trigger sounds and visuals surrounding them so that all five senses are evoked (touch, sight, smell, sound, taste). The multimedia commission was adapted and contracted for Red Bull. It was also brought on and expanded for the Panorama Festival in NYC, where it lived in a 360° experience that was sponsored by HP and The Verge. 


Artist Role:  Creative Director

A sensory experience that uses the table as a canvas, tracing the interactions of guests by engaging them in a hands-on dinner. From vinaigrette drizzled on palms to tasting with one's fingers, guests take a journey outside of their comfort zone to a realm of unexpected experimentation as they eat using no utensils, left with only their hands to taste and savor the food. 

Originally done as a commission to fulfill the artist's interest in creating a multisensory with performance and food. Later, it was adapted for Sabra and for others private events. Sabra had Emilie adapt the experience to be used within the context of celebrating National Hummus Day at Dwell On Design during NYC Design Week. During the event, a camera also shot aerial footage that was streamed live to a panoramic frame projected onto the wall above the table. This gave the experience a layer of technology that invited both the participants and the onlookers to take in the event in a multi-dimensional way.


Artist Role:  Creative Director & Lead Technologist

Touch these blocks of ice and your human touch becomes a human voice, shouting back at you from its frozen depths. Originally developed for Pike and Rose Audio Visual Arts Festival, the big interactive blocks were illuminated in the event's dark space through bright colored lights, adding another level of intrigue and magic to the experience. 

This concept was further adapted for an installation, commissioned by Airbnb in partnership with NEW INC, at Art Basel. The concept was to create a modern Fountain of Youth. Participants touched gigantic interactive blocks of ice, where sounds of childhood laughter would emerge from the ice based off the motions of hands. Each large block of ice was also filled with rubber duckies, so the lucky few that helped to melt parts of the ice got a prize of keeping the ducks. All participants were able to discover an engaging sensory exploration of childhood memories.


Artist Role:  Creative Director

Guests embarked on an exploration through time and environment in a former nuclear reactor in Sweden, where they also tasted a variety of "experimental" food dishes presented by lab scientist servers, while they roamed a bunker nearly 100 feet underground with radioactive style lighting.

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Artist Role:  Photographer. Author, Designer

A 240-page volume collection of unique recipes that spans the full spectrum of culinary expression. Renowned chefs and mixologists from Paris to New York were asked to create bespoke recipes inspired by the emotion of love.

Believing that desire is no longer a single ingredient in today’s experience-driven world, the “L.O.V.E FOODBOOK” offers an exploration of the relationship between food and emotion by presenting a collection of desire-based recipes from all genres of cuisine that defy the experience of traditional cookbooks.

It was the recipient of Best First Cookbook in the World at the Prix Gourmand 2013, held in the Louvre, Paris.

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Artist Role:  Creative Technologist & Inventor

An experiment in food and technology, originally created by the artist as a personal multimedia installation. It has been commissioned for adaption by several brands and organizations, including recently for the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco.

A variety of musical notes are played as participants lick a cone of ice cream, or popsicle microphone, which are connected through sound sensors. In this blending of food and technology, experiences of tongue to taste are transformed as the eater becomes the performer.