Jason Alan Snyder

Inventor • Creative Technologist • Futurist

New York City

Artist Profile

Jason Alan Snyder is an inventor, technologist, futurist and business strategist with more than two decades of experience in the creative development of technology products and services. He has been a pioneer in artificial intelligence marketing and developed a large intellectual property portfolio that provides a foundation for many popular geo-location and mobile products and services.  

He invented Luci, a durable, waterproof and inflatable LED lantern that won a coveted Innovation & Design award at CES. He has successfully filed patents and offers patent assistance to those interested in securing their intellectual property. Jason is on the 4A's Creative Technologies Committee and a founding board member of the CreateTech conference. He has a global masters from the London School of Economics and an MBA from the University of Edinburgh. 

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Project: American Express Fan Experience US Open 2013 
Role: Technology Director

Fan's used a custom app to create a digital portrait of their swing, then with real-time image processing they received a print and the ability to share it on social media. The project included: a custom motion sensor and LED tennis racquets, audio and video through a generative art algorithm, a custom image-processing application and theinstallation build out. The racquet strokes became artwork that was displayed as a motion graphic accompanied by music and presented on a 70-foot pavilion display. Over 10,000 people participated in the American Express Fan Experience on site at the US Open.

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Project: The Bentley Studio Visionary Experience
Role: Technology Director

An immersive interactive installation was created for a Bentley showroom experience for potential buyers. Participants used an RFID key card and hand gestures to interact with a mood station to record their preferences on customization accounting for personality. The Visionary Experience culminated in a personalized video with emotive lifestyle visuals and audio, along with an invitation to meet with a configuration specialist to complete the studio visit. 

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Project: Trends in Retail 2015 at The Big Shopping Shake Up
Role: Digital Expert

Jason was a digital expert who spoke at The Big Shopping Shake Up conference, it focused on trends set to change the face of retail in the next year. It serves as an essential guide to brands looking to the future in the retail arena. Following the global launch of the Truth about Shopping at McCann Truth Central conference in New York, this clip is from the 6 Trends for 2015 video. 

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Project: MediaPost Article
Role: Writer

Jason is asked to write and contribute to publications in his role as a futurist, with his knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI). Link to MediaPost article.

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Project: Luci solar lantern
Role: Inventor

Luci is a lightweight, inflatable and durable LED lantern with a solar powered lithium polymer battery. Waterproof and collapsible, Luci is being heralded by the technology, design and non-profit industries alike. It won a coveted Innovation & Design award at CES and has been featured in WIRED, Engadget, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Boston Globe, Davos Summit, CBS news and on television around the world. Snyder co-founded MPOWERD the company that manufactures Luci to empower the developed and developing world through solar power.

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Project: JAGTAG
Role: Co-Inventor

JAGTAG is a 2-D bar code format that was used in ads and on product packaging to let customers find additional information. Unlike similar tags, no special app was needed. One could just photograph it with a mobile phone camera and text or email it to the JAGTAG company, which would reply with the info or a URL. It was a method to get around the barrier of forcing a consumer to download a specialized app reader. The technology debuted in 2008 was used for several years and was then sold. Jason was a co-inventor of the JAGTAG codes and holds several patents related to the technology used in them.