Marcel Botha

Inventor • Design Engineer • Product Manager

New York City

Artist Profile

Marcel Botha is a design engineer, architect, inventor and entrepreneur. He has a Masters in Design and Computation from MIT with an emphasis on digital manufacturing. He is currently the CEO and Inventor of Spuni, a latching spoon for no mess feeding of infants and the CEO of 10xBeta, a product management consulting firm that works with Fortune 500 companies and well funded start-ups looking to prepare for manufacturing at scale.  

Brand Experience: , Starbucks, McDonalds, City of New York, Snif Labs Inc, Mutopo, Patients Pending LTD, 10xBeta LLC, Infant Ventures LLC, 10XStart LLC, General Sensing Inc, Gynius AB, MIT Smart Cities, MIT Mobile Experience Lab, MIT Digital Design and Fabrication Group, MIT Center for Bits and Atoms.

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Project: SnifTag 
Artists Role: Design Engineer, Product Development

Developed, manufactured, sold and licensed social networking hardware for dogs. Unlike Dogster, the SNIFTAG updates status, energy expenditure, and social interactions automatically.

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Project: Starbucks BetaCup 
Artists Role: Product Development

Developed a crowd sourced challenge to rethink paper cup consumption. Starbucks paid the prize money, and adopted Karma cup for trials in the North West.

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Project: Spuni 
Artists Role: Design Engineer, Product Development, Manufacturing

An ergonomically superior spoon designed to promote latching for infants transitioning from fluid to solid food. Sold 24,000 units in 2013.

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Project: Timesulin 
Artists Role: Product Development

Developed a timer to help Type 1 Diabetics understand when last they took their shot. It senses only when the cap is removed, and the major innovation is rather the scalability across multiple pen brands. Sold in 50+ countries.

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Project: Smug
Artists Role: Technologist, User Experience

Smug is a connected power plug system intended to compete in the smart home market - These were early explorations to figure out a pass through device that could partner with energy companies in the north east to quickly provide insight into high powered appliance energy use, suggest best behavior at device level and give remote override capability in the event of peak power failure events through consumer incentives. The device level data collected would be bundled for 3rd party analysis and resale. The first prototype utilized an Arduino platform, after which the manufacturing engineering was completed to bring this to a pre- launch stage. 

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Project: Urban Car Designs
Artists Role: Design Engineer, User Experience

Worked on the design principles of an urban car for future smart city planning of a mobile interface. The concept revolves around selling innovative transportation services as opposed to products, with a focus on small, agile, clean and silent vehicles.