Marcel Botha

Inventor • Design Engineer • Product Manager

New York City

Artist Profile

Marcel Botha is a design engineer, architect, inventor and entrepreneur. He has a Masters in Design and Computation from MIT with an emphasis on digital manufacturing. He is currently the CEO and Inventor of Spuni, a latching spoon for no mess feeding of infants and the CEO of 10xBeta, a product management consulting firm that works with Fortune 500 companies and well funded start-ups looking to prepare for manufacturing at scale.  

Brand Experience: , Starbucks, McDonalds, City of New York, Snif Labs Inc, Mutopo, Patients Pending LTD, 10xBeta LLC, Infant Ventures LLC, 10XStart LLC, General Sensing Inc, Gynius AB, MIT Smart Cities, MIT Mobile Experience Lab, MIT Digital Design and Fabrication Group, MIT Center for Bits and Atoms.

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Project: SnifTag 
Artists Role: Design Engineer, Product Development

Developed, manufactured, sold and licensed social networking hardware for dogs. Unlike Dogster, the SNIFTAG updates status, energy expenditure, and social interactions automatically.

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Project: Starbucks BetaCup 
Artists Role: Product Development

Developed a crowd sourced challenge to rethink paper cup consumption. Starbucks paid the prize money, and adopted Karma cup for trials in the North West.

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Project: Spuni 
Artists Role: Design Engineer, Product Development, Manufacturing

An ergonomically superior spoon designed to promote latching for infants transitioning from fluid to solid food. Sold 24,000 units in 2013.

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Project: Timesulin 
Artists Role: Product Development

Developed a timer to help Type 1 Diabetics understand when last they took their shot. It senses only when the cap is removed, and the major innovation is rather the scalability across multiple pen brands. Sold in 50+ countries.

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Project: The PUMA BeatBot
Artists Role: Design, Engineering, and Product Management

A robot that is designed to be a companion to runners, initially for PUMA sponsored athletes and teams. It can go at whatever speed and distance that the individual using it wishes, even able to go as quick as Usain Bolt - the fastest person in the world. It uses sensors to locate the white lines of the track and follow them as it races alongside the individual. Runners can pre-program the details and settings, choosing for the BeatBot to go at the pace of their past records, ones they hope to achieve, or simply as a companion while they go their current average rate. Anecdotal evidence has been found that having someone (or something) to compete against raises performance levels. 10xBETA worked with the J Walter Thompson agency from the initial concept through to the final prototype.

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Project: Gynius AB Colposcope 
Artists Role: Product Development, User Experience, Design Engineering

Built an international team to develop a portable battery operated colposcope, the first of its kind, representing the most current thinking in LED light modulation, mechanical design, heat management, control electronics and advanced optics.