We’re changing the way creative works for good.

Sovrn State gives Brands and Agencies access to the top independent talents in Art, Content and Engineering.

Sovrn State is a creative artist management company – not a recruiting firm or advertising agency. We provide artist representation and development to award-winning creatives, making it easier to hire exceptional, free agent artists.

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What We Offer

Post-Digital Fluency
The creatives of Sovrn State push the boundaries of traditional and digital mediums to develop innovative marketing and product solutions that go beyond the screen.

Highly Skilled Artisans 
Our artist roster features some of the top award-winning craftsmen in the business. They work on world-class brand projects and are featured in the press, guaranteeing the most-qualified creative resource.  

Total Flexibility
Our artists can work alone or complement existing staff on any size project. They can be hired individually or as small teams.  

Single Point of Contact
We make it simple for clients to access a multidisciplinary roster of elite creatives through one company. We handle all the administrative details on behalf of our artists. 


A Creative Solution for the New Way to Work

Companies are shrinking. This is especially true for advertising agencies or in-house marketing departments.  This means the most talented full-time staff gets stretched, and has less time and fewer ideas when needed most – especially when it comes to exploring ideas in new mediums or the highest level of production craft.

So how to solve this dilemma? Look outside for talent.
Seek the creative stars outside of your organization that see things as it should be, not as it has been done before. And that’s why Sovrn State is an ideal partner in today’s evolving work environment where companies are smaller and more of the top talent are choosing to go independent.

CMOs need to make a difference fast.  
They hire our experienced free agents to quickly focus on a project from concept to execution. Someone who specializes in exactly the post-digital work they are seeking and deliver superb production values.  

ECDs strive to deliver the best ideas.
They find a regular seat at the briefing table for a rotating cast of our creative consultants. Our artists help bring deep expertise, fresh perspectives, and reliable results without the burden of additional staff overhead.  

Sovrn State provides companies convenient access to an elite roster of the best independent creatives. Our artists can partner up as individuals or small teams to tackle any level projects. Contact a Sovrn State representative to find out more about our award-winning creative roster.