Brett Doar

Contraptionist · Multimedia Artist · Creative Technologist

Los Angeles

Artist Profile

Brett Doar is a multi-disciplinary artist/creative director with a MFA in Arts, Computation, and Engineering from UC Irvine. He has the skills to develop conceptual ideas and lead engineering teams through the design and build phases for experiential live events, films and new product development.

AdWeek chose Brett as one of the "10 Visual Artists Who Are Changing The Way We See Advertising, And The World."

His work on Rube Goldberg machines for Red Bull, The Colbert Report, Goldieblox and OK Go music video have been viral internet hits with tens of millions views. Brett has also been featured on TV, newspapers, magazines and web media. 

Brand Experience: Google, Red Bull, Kiehl’s, GE, Disney, Nokia, Microsoft, Intel, Meccano, The Colbert Report

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Copy of Transient


Copy of Transient

Artist Role:  Machine Creative Director

Brett created this machine for the Android release of the hit mobile video game Leo’s Fortune. The video was directed by Christian Jacobs (of the Aquabats and Yo Gabba Gabba). AdWeek named the video their “Ad of the Day” and it was also covered by Greg Mone for Popular Science.

Copy of Transient

Artist Role:  Creative Director

Brett opened the Google I/O Worldwide Developer conference. His crew, consisting of Paul Thompson, Steve Lassovzsky, TJ Lewis, Eric Mesple and Trevor Yamamoto, kicked off the keynote session with a live audience of about 5000, with a couple of million viewers via global simulcast.

The full installation was a large scale rube goldberg machine that began with a 10 foot tall mechanical clock counting down from the opening of the doors to the beginning of the keynote.  Every minute, the clock released a steel ball that rolled down a track. Each ball tripped a gate that incrementally released a bowling ball down its own track (and also laid down a piece of track for the next ball to roll over). The ensuing machine included a giant hammer, a trebuchet launching a basketball 40 feet to land in a 3 foot square net, and a wheel of sledgehammers spinning to smash a hunk of bulletproof glass. The clock is now installed permanently at Google HQ in Mountainview CA.

Copy of Transient

Artist Role:  Lead Engineer

KLUGE is a human powered machine that integrated eleven Red Bull sponsored extreme athletes with twelve machines on a three-acre indoor/outdoor site. The collaboration took two and half weeks to build and was shot in a single day. Achieved more than 27 million views.

Copy of Transient

Artist Role:  Lead Engineer

This is a Rube Goldberg machine built to celebrate Nokia Devices & Services joining Microsoft. This machine celebrates the history of technology featuring old school Nokia phones, stacks of floppy disks, a boom box, a Dot Matrix printer and other devices.

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OK GO Music Video - "This Too Shall Pass"
Artist Role: Lead Engineer

Brett collaborated with band to create a video that film critic Roger Ebert called the "most ingenious music video ever." Achieved more than 55 million views. 

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Artist Role:  Machine Creative Director

An inspirational machine build featuring toys and children to promote an engineering toy for girls. This build was created from found objects and took about two and a half weeks from start to finish with a unique design that uses both the interior and exterior of a house. Achieved more than 10 million views. 

Copy of Transient