Spark Camp & The Future History Festival

by Jack Sommer

The makers of Spark Camp will be hosting The Future History Festival on May 7-8, 2016, in Baltimore, Maryland. We are happy to say that we will be in attendance.

As background, Spark Camp is known for re-inventing the typical conference setup and instead bringing important conversations to a more casual, interactive format. David Plotz, the former editor of Slate, has said that “[Spark Camp] is the only conference of any sort I attend, because it is the only one that has ever lit me up, puzzled me, excited me." The Fast Company has even proclaimed Spark Camp as the "ultimate summer camp for influencers."

We're sure that The Future History Festival will reflect that same spirit, with a theme focused on the exploration of today's world from the perspective of the future. It may also be evident by the interesting lineup of guest speakers, entertainment, workshops, exhibitions, art exhibits, blind group date suppers, and a prom-like celebration. Here's a quick look select featured speakers from the superstar lineup:

  • Nancy Spector, Deputy Director of the Guggenheim
  • Melissa Bell, VP of Growth at Vox Media
  • Rodney Gibbs, Chief Innovation Officer of the Texas Tribune
  • Anna Tauzin, Senior Marketing Manager for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Services, National Restaurant Association
  • Maria Popova, Founder and Editor in Chief of Brain Pickings
  • Glynn Washington, Host of Snap Judgement Podcast

We're very excited to attend and will plan to recap it all next week!