Tesla May Be Evolving The American Dream

by Jack Sommer

Tesla is known for innovating in their products, but the products success is not just up to them. How the world adopts their products into our lifestyle and behavior is in our hands. There's a town called Yarrabend, in the suburbs of Australia, that is being built where each home will be built around a Tesla car. Each home will have a solar panel energy system on the roof, which is connected to the Tesla Powerwall electric car charger - which also acts a backup household energy source.

That means no money spent on gas, nor time spent searching for gas stations. Residents at YarraBend can feel good about being environmentally conscious by using solar power and saving money. Plus, you may get the satisfaction of driving a stylish, sporty car by Tesla. This type of community could be a blueprint for future developments. Not even a far distant future either, these changes are undoubtedly going to at least begin within the next decade. And while the American Dream of the past - a home in the suburbs with a lawn, car, children, and a dog - is still very much relevant, it may be revised in the years to come to include to be an electric car and a solar-powered energy system. This dream is soon to be tested in this community of Australia, and possibly roll out afterwards to America.

The advantages to this YarraBend concept are not just about cost and efficiency. Elon Musk, Founder and CEO of Tesla, envisions ride-sharing in his Master Plan: Part Deux. His goal is to create a system where you could add your car to the Tesla Fleet of shared cars - where you could then make money on it when you're not using the vehicle. Imagine how that could apply to a community - where you go to a party across town and can enjoy sharing a few bottles of wine without having to worry about driving back. That is, with thanks to being able to get a ride from an autonomous vehicle from the Tesla fleet. Or what if a mother was picking up one daughter at soccer practice and the father needed the car to go to work. The father could just hail a car from the Tesla ride-sharing fleet in order to get to his job on time. This might actually reduce cars needed per household (cost saving), less driving accidents (safer roads), as well as fewer arguments on who gets to use the car (marriage saver). 

Future communities will undoubtedly be going more in this direction than not, it's just a matter of how long. Elon Musk may have not thought of the idea himself, but we're pretty sure he's excited by it and the prospects of how Tesla's progress can push the world forward. It all starts somewhere, even if that somewhere is a small community in Australia. Time will tell how Australia will incorporate these Tesla products into their daily lives. Until then, we'll be watching the American dream evolve via YarraBend.