A Prototype For The Future Of Connected Work

by Jack Sommer

We're excited to see prototypes ushering in a new era of connected accessories that will integrate into our lives to make the transitions between work and play more seamless, and allow freelancers or remote workers to operate with ease no matter their location.

The DEVIDE is a new product of luggage for work. It is an invention from a recent graduate of the London Royal College of Art, Rami Santala, which he did for his final project at school. The product is a hybrid laptop carrier, backpack, and desk.

  • Hold laptop while  on the move
  • Wear like a backpack.
  • Angled typing stand
  • Privacy screen
  • Built-in bluetooth sensor
  • Kill computer windows that distract
  • Automatically opens only work apps needed
  • Simultaneously track hours

"I am hoping for the user to feel some sort of ownership of the space where they set it up," Santala told The Fast Company in an interview last summer. "Work itself needs regularity, consistency. You need to get into the right mood." As much as it's meant for work though, another goal of Santala for it is for DEVIDE to help people stay away from work after they finish by keeping it contained within when they're using the setup.

The reality of work today isn't a place, it's a state of mind.

Currently, it's still just a prototype that Santala designed for his graduate show. He wants to continue to work on it, but so far it's not available for purchase. More information about the device can be seen in the video below. It shows demonstrations of how it folds in and out, the way it operates as a stand, and more insight into the product itself. We hope that he's able to figure out how to make it a reality for people to own.

The original article was published on The Fast Company.