IoT's Future: Hopeful and Secure

by Jack Sommer

There's been an interesting trend in the age of technology. There's a pattern seen with the web first, and more recently with social media. People start very open, active, and public on these mediums. The sites and apps we use do indeed hold a lot of personal information about us. As people realize this, they begin to manage their web usage and social media profiles in a more judicious and private matter.

We expect a similar behavior being taken in the world of IoT development and integration. We need to be cognizant of risks. That's why we're encouraged by companies involved in the IoT space like the folks over at Dojo Labs who have created a "glowing rock" that connects to all the different IoT connected devices in your home and monitors them for any suspicious activity. It automatically blocks them and alerts you to any issues that arise. The people behind the company come from backgrounds in government intelligence groups. They're thinking of it ahead of time so we don't need to ourselves.

We are so excited about how IoT may magically improve our quality of life in the future and plan to watch companies like Dojo Labs who may help us keep our privacy in check.