The Court of Public Art

by Jack Sommer

There’s a basketball court in a small Parisian neighborhood of Pigalle that has become increasingly popular - not just for kids shooting hoops, but for anyone that loves public art.

The streetwear fashion brand Pigalle, which shares the name of the neighborhood, has been giving a local court a continual makeover of epic design proportions. Pigalle's brand team works with a design studio to come up with a dynamic and unique look for the court, filled with bright colors and patterns. The latest refresh is a collaboration co-sponsored by NikeLab. The new hues, inspired by a 90′s basketball aesthetic, was created with the goal to “explore the relationship between sport, art and culture and its emergence as a powerful socio-cultural indicator of a period in time.”


Public art has the ability to draw people to a place that they might not be aware of or interested to visit. More brands should act like art patrons and help invest in similar installations that become a win for sponsor awareness and the promoted artist(s). Local neighborhood businesses also benefit from the visitors who come to see work in the town, take pictures, and spend time and money nearby.

Just make sure you're wearing the right sneakers if you decide to step onto the court!