Connecting So You Can Disconnect

by Jack Sommer

Tentrr is a travel booking platform for specialized camping experiences. If you get the inspiration and desire to go live in nature for the weekend, you can do so on a whim with camping gear set-up provided by hosts.

The niche platform provides two key services. One is the booking platform, where listings of campsite locations to rent are provided to choose from - all on privately owned land. The listings tell you about the host, where exactly the site is located and how secluded (with a map link), what activities are nearby (like swimming, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, farmer’s market), details on the camp equipment that’s provided, as well as reviews about the location.

An important aspect to the Tentrr service is providing the camping equipment. This includes the deck, bed, canvas tent, chairs, picnic table, outdoor toilet, sun-shower, and campfire grill. Tentrr assembles it on-site for the campsite owners, making sure you always have a consistent experience across locations.


Some hardcore campers may consider this a little more glamorous than their self-sufficient DIY adventures and their own expensive camping gear. However, there’s a lot of people who don’t want to deal with the camp equipment investment - nor storage, transporting, and setting everything up. For example, people who may have before been day-explorers may now extend their trips to enjoy more time in the wilderness thanks to Tentrr. Camping becomes about the adventure of the retreat and finding solitude with nature, but without a lot of preparation hassle. Since the sites on private property, there’s comfort knowing your time away is private and secure (all hosts are always nearby if there are any issues).


While certain services like Airbnb provide a level of convenience, brand familiarity, and consistency of finding places to stay across a wide range of locations - Tentrr is focusing on outdoor enthusiasts, which allows for a certain level of specificity and dedication on making sure this type of experience is the best it can be.


Currently, they are only operating in the Northeast (mostly New York), but Tentrr plans to expand more soon. We're eager to take a trip Upstate and find out for ourselves. We recommend getting out of town either before the summer ends or when the Fall comes and the leaves change colors. Either way, it would surely be a great opportunity to recharge in locations as beautiful as the ones Tentrr offers on its site.